By now, you know I am so passionate about uplifting other women and empowering each other to live our most badass, grown-ass lives. This podcast is just one of the ways that I do that. What you may not know is I actually lead groups of women through my signature programs to help them do all sorts of things in their lives, things that they thought were only dreams, things that they put on the back burner for other people, or things that felt like “Sure, I’ll get to that someday. “

Someday is here, my friend.

In this episode, I introduce you to Renee Bowen, professional photographer, business coach, all around grown-ass woman. Renee and I talk the power of investing in our dreams, and how to find support when you know you’re meant for more.

If you’re ready to join an exceptional group of women for an unforgettable experience, I invite you to my new program, Aligned on Purpose. It’s by application only, open to only 10 women and the doors close Sunday, April 24th at 11:59pm PT. Are you ready to do this?