It's the episode 40 episodes in the making. At this age and stage of life, we know it's important to celebrate the little things. So we've created a show all about YOU — the listener. Several Forty Thrive listeners stepped up and spoke out about their favorite episodes. Take a listen!

Huge thanks to actor Andrew Bowen for the awesome Keanu Reeves and Chris Hemsworth impressions. We ladies over 40 reeeeally appreciate it. 

And a huge thanks to our Thrive Tribe for making these episodes happen every week, especially editors Joe Chaffee and Jeff MacDougall. You are loved and appreciated!

Featured Listeners:

Lisa Malcom

Julie Sgroi

Kristen Stevens

Diane Harrises

Lori Caralis

Dawn Marie Bornheimer

Julie Neale

Linda Locke

Episodes mentioned: 

The Value of Vulnerability with Amy Porterfield

For Messy and Imperfect People Only with Leigh Koechner

Thriving Through Transitions with Nancy Karas

The Heart of Entrepreneurship with Katie Krimitsos

From Bachelorette to Business Badass with Moana Dixon (Part 1)

Life After the Bachelor with Moana Dixon (Part 2)

How to Act Like a Grownass Woman with Elsie Escobar

Over 60 is Hilarious with Cathy Ladman and Mindy Sterling

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