The last time Nikki Boyer and I spoke on The Grown-Ass Woman's guide, it was March 11, 2020. We sat across from each other at a restaurant in the LA area, with pretty much no idea that would not only be the last time we’d record in a public space, but none of us would be spending time in any restaurant for a long, long time. You can hear that episode here

In that episode, Nikki talked about her podcast, Dying for Sex, a show she hosted with her best friend Molly, after Molly was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. When struck with that life-altering news, Molly decided to leave her unhappy marriage and embark on a series of sexual adventures to feel alive. 12 million listens and a Podcast of the Year award later, that podcast is something people are still talking about to this day. 

During the recording of Dying for Sex, Nikki met a hospital chaplain named Peggy. The two form a friendship and now host Near Death, a podcast that makes it easier — and dare I say entertaining — to talk about death in a way that not only decreases fear, but inspires conversations that we all should be having. 

About:  Nikki Boyer is a three time Emmy® award-winning TV host, producer, actress and podcaster. She created, hosted, and is Executive Producer of the breakout Wondery podcast, Dying for Sex, which won the 2021 Ambie Award for Podcast of the Year — and was named one of Apple’s favorite podcasts of 2020. 

In the midst of the global pandemic, Nikki hosted nearly 200 episodes of Wondery’s The Daily Smile, a podcast about good news, and launched Call Me Curious via Wondery+, a lighthearted investigative series delves into offbeat topics. Nikki co-hosts the popular weekly podcast, Straight Talk with Ross Mathews, which recently recorded its 450th episode. 

Nikki co-hosted the 2021 Ambies Awards show and was a regular guest contributor to The Wendy Williams Show for over 8 seasons. She has appeared on virtually every major television talk show, most recently as a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show, supporting the launch of Call Me Curious. Along with Kevin Sabbe, she co-created and was Co-Executive Producer of Step Girlfriends, a television concept based on her real life, optioned by CBS Studios. Nikki made her mark hosting Yahoo!’s ultra-popular Daytime in No Time, where she was the most watched host on the internet during the series five-year run. 

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