It's the third episode of our four-part series, The Grown-Ass Woman's Guide to Thriving through the Holidays. 

What if I told you that even though you might know what you want in your life, your style choices could actually be preventing it from happening?  In this episode, style coach Erin Mathis shares simple and inexpensive ways  to level up your look to attract what you want. The best part? You can start today!


Erin Mathis, cofounder of The Style Core, is a Style Coach for women in midlife who feel stuck in a rut and want to empower themselves to take charge of their future. She helps women up-level their personal style so they show the world who they really are and align their image with the impact they want to make. She applies the same process she used to transform her own image to help her clients reinvent themselves so they can confidently show up as the captivating women they are and tell the world who they are through their look.

Some people might dismiss style transformation as “just a makeover,” but as a style coach, Erin understands how image has the power to transform your entire life. She shares more about this in her Tedx Talk "The Power of Image to Transform Your Life.”

From her home town in Northern California, Erin coaches women around the world online through her transformational style coaching program, Your Million Dollar Look.

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