With one breath, you can transform that fear into excitement or frustration into clarity or judgment into empathy. Breath transforms your energy.

If there's one episode you need in your life, it's this one. 


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Sandy Abrams made her dream come true when she had an “Ah-ha” moment for a beauty product idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar company. A self-taught entrepreneur without a business background, Sandy had the passion and persistence to roll up her sleeves and learn on the fly.

Sandy Abrams (Now known as "TheCEOm" ) is the author of Your Idea, Inc., and is a regular contributor to HuffPost and Thrive Global, where she writes about entrepreneurship, small business and breath/yoga/ wellness.

To what does Abrams credit her entrepreneurial success? Nearly 30 years of her own yoga and breath practice.

Her latest book, Breathe to Succeed (Increase Workplace Productivity, Creativity, and Clarity through the Power of Mindfulness is generating buzz with endorsements from Arianna Huffington, former Chairman/CEO at Aetna and an executive at Google. She shares her unique perspective about what meditation can look like in 2019. "Working at the pace of technology is not sustainable. Mindful breath is meditation at the speed of business."

In this episode, Sandy shares…

• The magical (yet simple) power of breath

• Techniques that will change any stressful situation in your everyday life, whether you're at work, in traffic or maybe even at the DMV

• How to manifest different energies and tap into what you need in the moment

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