Guadalupe Hirt is a four-time entrepreneur, pro-aging advocate, speaker, blogger, and middlescence life strategist. Most recently, she was the co-founder and CCO of SecondActWomen, a pro-age global community for women 40 & 50+. Through education, events, membership, and community, she helped shift ageists perspectives, inspired bold thinking, and created age-inclusive spaces that rallied women over 40 to excel in business, career, and life. 

Now, Lupe has taken a long overdue sabbatical, focusing on her own mental health. What she’s learned during this time can help us all prioritize our own selves. And, if a self-imposed break is not something you can (or want to) do right now (I’m with you there), Lupe offers some small everyday actions we can take to bring more joy, balance and peace into our lives.

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