Welcome to another episode of Thrive in 40, a quick tip to kickstart your week in 40 seconds or less. 

In this episode, Jennifer Tracy, writing coach and host of the MILF Podcast, shares her tip to get out of your head and reconnect to your body. 

Something I didn’t know or learn until I was in my late 30s was how not in my body I was, just really walking around in my head and my thoughts and not in touch with the wisdom of my feminine body. And so once I did learn that through a form of movement, it changed everything, it changed the way I told my stories, it changed the way I stood in my own story, so I just wanna invite you wherever you are to put your hand on your chest where your heart is and breathe. Just feel into your body and continue that through the rest of your day because she has wisdom to share with you and she has stories to tell.

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