If you're on the search for a new job opportunity, want to get further in your current career, or just start over doing something totally different, this episode is pure gold. 
Amber Beam is on a mission to eradicate soul-sucking jobs everywhere! With 15 years in HR as an I-O Psychologist, she’s seen it all! Now she’s throwing back the curtain to reveal what you really need to know to win over skeptics in HR.

If you're thinking “it’s too late” or “I don’t think I have enough experience,” we're about to kick those thoughts to the curb.  

In this episode, we talk:

  • How to stand out among the crowd when searching for a new job or gig
  • What do do when you keep running into the O word — overqualified
  • How to use your “soft skills” to rock any interview
  • How and when to take a position that may be a step backward
  • 4 simple steps to win anyone over on linked in
Featured Review
Thank you, Kinmaine, for this awesome review on Apple Podcasts! 
This podcast is the manual for finally living in alignment and living YOUR best life. Jackie is an incredible interviewer with a true gift for clarity, hilarity and asking the questions we all want to ask. I highly recommend adding this one to your library.

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