The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide will be back in January with all new episodes! Until then, enjoy this “Best of” episode created just for you.  Have a very happy holiday season and I’ll talk with you in January!

In one of the most raw, honest episodes of TGAWG yet, I talk with TV personality, interior designer and life stylist Lauren Makk.

I met Lauren back in 2015 when I was working on a daytime syndicated TV show called FABLife. Lauren stood out to me at the time as someone who was very much, what you see is what you get, something I definitely admire, especially in that industry. 

And, that hasn’t changed in the past six-plus years. In this episode, Lauren shares her journey to sobriety, what life looked like when she was drinking, the excruciatingly painful moment when she knew something needed to change, and what she’s learned about herself in the one year since putting down that Jack Daniel’s bottle.

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