When Arthur Vibert aged out of advertising, he was overweight, unhealthy and had not much to look forward to. Then he did something most people are afraid to do — he took action. Hear how he flipped the script on his life and took charge of his happiness, and now inspires countless people 40+ to do the same. 

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Meet Our Guest: 

Arthur Vibert has had a rich and varied career, working in advertising in London, Chicago, New York and San Francisco; working as a commercial director; video producer and more recently, writing and coaching.

He was responsible for co-creating the Max Headroom campaign for Coca-Cola, the Saturn “Launch” campaign that introduced the Saturn car, as well as work for Levi’s, BMW, and many more. His work in video production includes collaborations with Apple, Mozilla and others.

More recently he has been interested in working with people 40 and older who are dealing with the realities of aging in a culture that doesn’t really seem to know what to do with them. His message is simple: you are the author of your own life story – don’t let cultural expectations or the opinions of others push you into a life you don’t want to live.

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