A love letter to you, the Forty Thrive listener.

On December 12, 2018, I launched this show. No big team, just my awesome editors to help me. I produced over 100 episodes, talking with incredible experts, and other badass women over 40.

Over those 20+ months, while I’ve done a lot of talking (like, A LOT) I’ve also been listening — to you. I’ve heard what you love about the show, what you’d like more of — even what you'd like less of.

One of the challenges I’ve had since Day 1 was letting women know that Forty Thrive is NOT just for women in their 40s, it’s for women over 40. So if you’re in your 50s or 60s — or hell, even beyond that, this is for you, too. 

But if you have to explain something more than a couple of times, you might need to tweak your messaging. 

I learned not only the age of the woman listening, but who that woman really is.  

  • She’s someone who wants more out of life.
  • She’s a lifelong learner.
  • She dares to dream.
  • She knows this is the time to leap but is a little afraid of the idea… and even if she wanted to, HOW would she do it?
  • She wants to take care of her shit. Like really wants to. But the self doubt creeps in… and she needs some support here.
  • She cares less about what other people think and is starting to really tune into what her gut says.


And likely, she is YOU. 

Sure, the calendar says you’re over 40. And that, to me, says something. It says we’ve lived a lot of life. We’ve got so much experience. But it’s not just women over 40 that get me fired up, who turn to me for coaching and collaboration — it’s GROWN-ASS women over 40. 

They're my spirit animals, for real. The past few years getting to help women find that spark inside of them and recommit to their own lives has been an honor. The fact that I get to do it for a living? 🤯

So in just a few days, I’ll introduce the next level of Forty Thrive — one that’s 100% committed to more than just inspiring you to thrive, but supporting you in ACTIVATING what’s brewing inside of you, holding you accountable for taking charge of your own life, and standing right next to you as you blow the LID OFF the next chapter of your life. 

Are you ready to join me?

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Thank you so much for this time together. Thank you to the incredible women — and two men — who've been on the show. Thank you to my friends who've supported me, advised me and kicked me in the ass when I needed it. But most of all, thank yo

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