From Brains to Breasts, Heart to Hot Flashes, Bones, Thyroid, even Eastern vs Western therapies Dr. Soma Mandal shares her brilliance and new book Dear Menopause, I Do Not Fear You: A Modern Woman's Guide to Thriving Through Midlife. It's jam packed, super easy to read and complete with funny comics (which Gen Xers will love). Get your copy today!
In this episode:
— We bust myths that women are believing about perimenopause and menopause
— We go beyond nutrition and exercise to discuss what else we can be doing
— Dr Soma shares the most important things we should do when talking with our doctor
— And she answers the supplement question: Should we be taking them?
Widely regarded as one of America’s top physicians in midlife women’s health, Dr. Soma Mandal is a board-certified Internist who has helped thousands of women to successfully navigate Menopause and reinvent themselves along the way. Earning her MD at New York University School of Medicine, and a prestigious research fellowship at Oxford University in England, Dr. Mandal brings a fresh perspective to the topic of Menopause, particularly for women of color. 

Fusing traditional Western medicine with her Eastern roots, Dr. Mandal’s approach combines the best of both worlds. Her unique approach provides women with a much-needed, easy-to follow process, making the forties and fifties plus, fabulous."

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