Hello my favorite TGAWG listener, it’s me Jackie. I’m taking a beat from our regular programming to bring you a quick hello.

Some updates:

Have you checked out Revel yet? They're our new GAWG event partner! I already hosted our first event on their platform and have two upcoming created just for you. Visit hellorevel.com, click join and choose Grown-Ass Woman's Guide in the drop down where it says "how did you hear about Revel?" Once you get over there, send me a message! I’d love to hear from you and create some online — and in person — events that we can do together. PS: We have one in the LA area in April coming up so be sure to join Revel and the GAWG group over there to get the details for that.

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If you’re ready to show up like a Grown-Ass Woman, get our 11 Habits to Live Like a Grown-Ass Woman.

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