As we work on brand new content coming soon, I wanted to share a few of our “best of” episodes that are perfect for summer listening. Enjoy! We’ll be back soon with a whole new season. Happy Summer!

Lillian So is the new best friend you never knew you needed. Author of So Empowered – Discover the five layers of the body to take control of your life,  Lillian breaks down the five layers and shares how each and every one of them can be used to transform every aspect of our lives.

In this episode, Lillian shares
• a surprising fact about how pain manifests in the body
• a framework to help us process adversity, whether it was yesterday or decades ago
• small, practical ways to find our bliss

Plus, her final takeaway is pure GOLD.

About Lillian: Lillian So is a Korean-American daughter of immigrants. As the founder of SOfit SF Inc. and the SOmethod, she is a passionate community builder and entrepreneur. An integrator and facilitator of transformation, Lillian helps people heal, grow, transform, and find what they didn’t know was missing in their lives. She has more than 20 years of industry experience creating psychological safety, group facilitation, and compassionate

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