Sometimes there are moments in life that feel like they were created by an act of divine intervention.
This is one of them.
I read this blog post by Dr Rachel Barbanel-Fried (AKA Dr. RBF) entitled Things That Bend Won't Break. It really spoke to me at a time I needed it. So I invited her onto the podcast.
Little did I know, it would become the mantra for getting through the next several weeks for all of us. 
If there is one episode you may need right now, it's this one. Right here. For you. 

About the guest: Dr. Rachel Barbanel-Fried, aka Dr. RBF, is a clinical psychologist, writer, and optimal performance consultant based in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. She consults with executives and organizations looking to elevate performance and reach new levels of success in the workplace and beyond. She also sees individuals, couples, and families in a therapeutic setting who are looking to move forward towards growth, change, and healing. Dr. RBF utilizes an evidence-based, collaborative approach. She’s direct, down-to-earth, and non-judgmental, specializing in working with people from diverse backgrounds. She is also a consultant with the Flow Research Collective, a peak performance research and training organization. 
Some of my favorite quotables from this episode:
"The best exercise is whatever you like."
“Take the moment of suck and come up with other options.”

"People are not broken, we may feel broken."
"We all think that whatever happening in our heads is true."
"The feeling itself is just a feeling but then we get caught up in our judgement of feelings, that’s when we get stuck."
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