No one has tried more diet trends than Generation X;  Atkins, South Beach, non-fat, cabbage soup, grapefruit diet, liquid diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast… Stop the Insanity! 

We’ve been on and off enough diet rollercoasters, I refuse to contribute to it. Today you’ll meet a guest who teaches us how to appreciate our bodies, as they are, right now in this moment. And, if you’d like to become even stronger, and have greater balance that will carry you over the next three decades or so, she’ll help you with that too.

Plus, we’ll invite you to an online event happening this week that will help you turn any challenge, into an opportunity.

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About: Rachel Cosgrove co-owns and operates Results Fitness, a fitness center in downtown Newhall and Results Fitness University where she and her husband consult, speak, write and work with hundreds of personal trainers around the world, including trainers in England, Canada, Switzerland, Lebanon, Brazil and Australia, coaching them on fitness programming for their clients, their career, business, branding, sales & marketing. 

Rachel has been featured in numerous magazines including Muscle and Fitness Hers, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Women’s Running, Oxygen, More Magazine, Runner’s World, Women’s World, Real Simple, More Magazine and Shape magazine. 

On the advisory board for Women’s Health, she had her own column in Women’s Health Magazine and on Huffington Post. She is the best selling author of the book The Female Body Breakthrough, published by Rodale in November 2009. Her second book, Drop Two Sizes: A Proven Plan to Ditch the Scale, Get the Body You Want & Wear the Clothes You Love, also published by Rodale, was released in April 2013 along with the Drop Two Sizes DVD set with Women’s Health, featuring Rachel herself coaching the viewers through the workouts. 

Her third book is currently in the works, Age Strong: The Breakthrough Fitness Plan for Women Who Want To Feel Empowered, Athletic & Strong As They Age, due to be published in 2024 with Human Kinetics. 

She has conducted television interviews on Fox, ABC, and WGN repeatedly. She has been featured on numerous radio shows promoting her books and has made an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show.

She has been a spokesperson for Secret Deodorant and Nike, and has also been a consultant for Gatorade, Nike, Livestrong, Women’s Health and Men’s Health Magazines.

As one of the featured speakers for the company, Perform Better, she lectures nationally and internationally on topics such as strength training, fat loss, business in the fitness industry and nutrition specifically for women, helping them to reach their potential in all aspects of their life.

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