Welcome to another episode of Thrive in 40, a quick tip to kickstart your week, in 40 seconds or less. 

In this episode, creative coach, midlife mentor and founder/host of Forty Thrive, Jackie MacDougall,  shares a life lesson she learned from a pair of seagulls. 

Recently a popular '80s band was playing nearby so a flock of us decided to go. It’s been 30 something years since their heyday and you could certainly feel it. In fact, they played one of their popular songs a second time because they kind of bombed the first time. But what stood out to me most was that they showed up anyway; they didn’t say, "Oh no one will come" or use their age as an excuse. Not only was the room packed at the end of the concert, people were lined up to meet them to buy an overpriced bobble head.

This is a lesson in not overthinking it, or comparing yourself to a younger version;  just do the damn thing you want to do because life‘s too short to let it pass you by. 

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