If you've been waiting for a new episode of TGAWG, this is the one to hear! In October of 2021, I attended She Podcasts Live, a conference for women and  non-binary podcasters. At that event, I ran into a couple of women I knew through work we had done with Elsie Escobar, one of the She Podcast founders. They were sitting around a table outside the pool area and immediately, we just started talking about the podcasting industry and creativity and a variety of other professional and personal topics. 

15 months later, we're still having conversations sparked by that weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jen Edds and Marion Abrams have become friends, confidants, creative sounding boards, truth tellers… They've brought so much to my life. And my favorite part? They're not afraid to hold me accountable.

That is one of the themes for 2023 for me — personal accountability, something I used to struggle with.  BTW If this is something you struggle with, I am working on creating a small accountability group in the coming weeks. Email me if you want to learn more!


Jen Edds is an energetic keynote speaker that delivers a memorable message using songs instead of slides to educate and entertain audiences. What else would you expect from a Gen Xer raised on School House Rock and VH1 Storytellers? When Jen isn’t speaking, you can find her working as a podcast consultant and producer – helping others share their voices and big ideas with the world. Jen hosts The Brassy Broadcast and also loves practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and podcasting about it with her coach on the Beauty and the Gi podcast. You can tune in wherever you listen to podcasts.

Marion Abrams is a podcasting producer & consultant with deep experience in podcasting and content creation. She built Spartan's podcast from 0 to over 40 million views & downloads. She's worked on a range of projects from social media advisor on a gubernatorial campaign, to creating the documentary film "Flood Bound", to directing TV ads for Vermont Lottery. On her own podcast "Grounded Content" she explores what drives customer actions, and where the lines are between persuasion and manipulation. For 30 years Marion has helped businesses, organizations and individuals clearly convey their message. Marion is also the official podcasting coach for Hubspot's creator program, and helps other thought leaders, business leaders, and podcast hosts to design and elevate their podcast presence.

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