What's a guy's biggest fear after turning 40? What does he think women are really going through? In this Forty Thrive Podcast episode with Rick Clemons, the guy behind the "no excuses, no fears, no apologies" movement and the host of the 40 Plus: Real Men. Real Talk Podcast, as well as the Life Uncloseted Podcast, we asked our own audiences over 40 (his male community and Forty Thrive's female community) the very same questions and come together to uncover some answers that may surprise you!

Join us as we discuss everything from our biggest fears to how men and women can come together and thrive at 40 and beyond!

More About Rick:
Over the past 20 years he’s been helping people and organizations get real about the suffocating closets they live in and he has the distinct pleasure of lovingly kicking them in the ass to make their bold moves without apologies – personally and professionally. From leadership to creativity, sexuality to parenting, and truth telling to living by your own rules, his motto is “Bust a bold move. Live life your way!”
He’s survived raising two daughters (thus the bald head), broken two world records, and once upon a time did something unbelievable at a whorehouse in Texas.


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