Are you more the logical, action-focused, checklist-loving kind of woman… or are you more like the aligned with the universe, manifesting, little bit woo woo type? Or maybe you’re like today’s guest — a healthy balance of both.

Renee Bowen is a professional photographer & coach for creative female entrepreneurs. Her photography career has spanned over 20 years, with a speciality in branding & portrait photography. She holds a degree in Psychology as well as certifications in NLP Life Coaching, Neuro-encoding, Hypnosis & The Amen Clinics Brain Training. Renee calls her style of coaching “tried and true + dash of woo” because she integrates proven, scientific strategies with a good helping of the metaphysical. Clients often come to her for help with marketing and business coaching, but also walk away with a rewired and regulated nervous system. 

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