Jessica Ashley is a Certified Divorce Coach who helps women thrive through transitions with grace, creativity, and maybe some cussing. On TikTok and Instagram, Jessica posts videos daily to a rapidly growing audience of women seeking community and clarity. But she’s also getting some unwanted attention from an extremely opinionated and outspoken political commentator who recently blasted Jessica on his YouTube page, followed by millions, “canceling” her and garnering thousands of comments, which in turn encouraged some of those followers to harass her online through her social channels and website. 

You don’t have to be divorced or even considering it to appreciate that there are men out there trying to silence women from sharing their personal experiences and using those experiences to help others — and make a living. But we are grown-ass women who will not be silenced. In fact, it’s the reason I chose to invite Jessica here today — to give her a platform for sharing her story, and to support her in sharing her voice, which in turn could support you in using your own.

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