According to a recent study recently published in JAMA internal medicine, they estimated that approximately 110 000 deaths per year could be prevented if US adults aged 40 to 85 years or older increased their moderate to vigorous physical activity by just 10 minutes per day.

In this episode, it’s all about finding the movement that fires you up. This is not about taking on the next marathon or joining Cross Fit — unless that’s your thing, of course. You’ll hear from women who’ve found fun and interesting ways to incorporate movement into their daily lives, and finding some unexpected benefits along the way. Maybe you’ll even find your future favorite activity through their stories.

For more of Jennifer's interview and to see my personal belly dance lesson, head over to The Grown-Ass Woman's Guide YouTube channel.  

About the guest: Jennifer Sobel has been a professional belly dance instructor and performer for 16 years. She integrates her experience as a licensed acupuncturist and personal trainer to create holistic belly dance programs that help women heal in body, mind, and spirit. Her mission is to make belly dance approachable to all women so they can experience the joy of belly dance as quickly and easily as possible.  Her program, The Belly Dance Solution, helps women strengthen their pelvic floor with belly dance and appeared in the popular women's magazine, Woman's World.  Her recently launched Feminine Fire program is a membership program with the ultimate video library of 400+ videos and teaches a unique system to DIY your own belly dance routines.

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