Meet Dr. Sarah Sarkis. A brilliant therapist from Massachusetts (woot!), Dr. Sarkis is candid, caring and hilarious, too.

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In this episode:

• The one thing you should look for in a therapist

• Why women over 40 make the best therapy patients

• Personal development by the decades; what to expect

• The benefits of using a sauna

Dr. Sarah Sarkis is a licensed psychologist, writer, and performance consultant living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally hailing from Boston Mass, she have a private practice where she work with adults who are looking to achieve long-term change and growth. Dr. Sarkis also works with executives, organizations, and small groups doing performance consulting.

Dr. Sarkis' style is eclectic and blends psychoanalytic theory, positive psychology, existential psychology, neuro-biology, and functional medicine to bring a truly integrated approach to your quest for a sense of wellness. She emphasizes collaboration, partnership, and personal empowerment.

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