It's the premiere episode of The Grown-Ass Woman's Guide! Let's dive in, shall we? In a recent poll, 100 Grown-Ass women were asked: “How often do you feel like you're not enough in one or more areas of your life?”

The answer may surprise you. But what’s even more important is WHY we feel like we’re not enough and what we can do about it. In this episode, you’ll hear from therapist Melody Murray who provides some key insight Plus,  learn five simple ways to feel more enough that’s worked for me and so many other grown-ass women.

  1. Identify the area or areas in which you feel like you're not enough.  If there are multiple, write them all down, but then we're going to pick one at a time to go through the process. 
  2. Define what enough looks like in that area. What does it even mean?  What does it look like to be enough as a mom, in your job or a friendship? It really helps to define what it is that you think is enough so you can actually compare where you are and where you think you should be. 
  3. Imagine someone you love, it could be your best friend, a sister, neighbor, maybe even a daughter.  Would you hold her to the same impossible standards you expect of yourself?  Would you judge her so harshly?  Or would you cut her some slack? What makes you so unique that you are expected to achieve some bogus level and be this person that you would never expect someone else to be?  
  4. Who is determining your enoughness or not enoughness? When we put our own value in the comments of other people, how can we  not feel  like we're not enough, especially when that person hasn't even gone through their own healing journey?  Spoiler alert: the person you should be listening to is you.
    5. Imagine for a moment that you are enough right now.  Just be quiet with yourself  and say, I am a human being doing the very best I can.  And that's enough. I  am enough.  How would your life look if you stopped and you reminded yourself every day just for five seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, five minutes? 

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