Why would you start to use cannabis at this age?! Before you judge, just listen. It could seriously change everything for you. We're not talking smokin' out under the bleachers here. Cannabis can be used to manage so many (peri)menopause symptoms and help you feel like yourself again — without actually getting high.

Meet Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas, founders of Hello Again! They're busting cannabis myths and answering your questions.

Carrie and Patty go way back – twenty years ago the duo met when their oldest children started preschool. Friends ever since, Carrie and Patty have always been adventurous and open-minded – but it wasn’t until they became empty nesters that they decided to explore local dispensaries.

Quickly, they realized that cannabis was uniquely suited to address many of the challenges they experienced during menopause. Patty and Carrie searched for a single product geared to address these challenges, but there was nothing in sight. Naturally, their problem-solving instincts lead them to take matters into their own hands – by building their own product from the ground up.

Cannabis. Vaginal. Suppository. Some might read those words and think “crazy talk”, but for Carrie and Patty these same words represent the future of women’s wellness.

Carrie’s creativity combined with Patty’s attention to detail make them the perfect pair to spearhead a movement to educate women about menopause and the non-psychoactive use of cannabis for wellness at any age. Carrie and Patty founded Hello Again in 2019, after extensive research and development. The duo is committed to offering solutions for women to improve both mental and physical health and feel like themselves again.

As Carrie and Patty say, their grandmother’s tolerated, their mothers medicated, and they CREATED. Hello Again!

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About Our Guests:

Carrie Mapes is committed to helping women through the challenges of menopause. After struggling with memory fog and energy shortages, Carrie understands how confusing it can be to associate menopause with its symptoms. Through her creativity and relatability, she strives to reach women who face the challenges she once did – and to introduce these women to a product that can make them feel like themselves again.

Carrie currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and has two adult children. When not working at the intersection of cannabis and menopause, Carrie spends time developing her art.

Patty Pappas aims to introduce a product that changed her life into the lives of women everywhere. After experiencing years of uncontrollable mood and temperature shifts, Patty started experimenting with cannabis products to tackle her menopause. Her knowledge of symptoms and personal encounters with relief practices h

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