If you’ve listened to The Grown-Ass Woman's Guide in previous years, you know I love to kick off the year with Courtney Townley. Courtney's been on the podcast several times and the reason I go back to her is because she’s just as passionate about sleep and stress management as she is about nutrition and movement.

Courtney Townley is a mid-life wellness pioneer, coach, host of the top-rated podcast Grace & Grit, and creator of The Consistency Code. Through her show, members-only community, 1-1 work, and programs, she helps women entering their mid-life season embrace it as their Power Years — a.k.a. their time to step out rather than fade out. For more from Courtney and to learn more about her approach and community, stop by graceandgrit.com.

Courtney is also the founder of Rumble and Rise, her membership community where she supports women like us in prioritizing ourselves and our health. Full disclosure, I am a new member of her community. We’ll talk about the community — I’ll share a link to her community as well as her newest workshop, but this is not a sales pitch. This is meant to be the conversation that after you hear it, you take even greater action toward your health – however that looks for you.

FREE offer: If you’re ready to realign your health and need a little support, Courtney is hosting a FREE 5-day challenge (February 13th – February 17th) called Healthiest Year Yet.  

  • This is not a fitness challenge.
  • This is not an overhaul-your-life overnight challenge.
  • This is not a detox or a list of rules and regulations to follow.

This is a 5-day mindset reset to help you get clear on what you want for your health in 2023, why you want it and what skills you will need to develop to get there. REGISTER HERE. 

I am definitely taking part in the Healthiest Year Yet challenge and I would love for you to join me! 

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