What if I told you that even though you might know what you want in your life, your style choices could actually be preventing it from happening? For real. Style Coach Erin Mathis shares simple and inexpensive ways to level up your look to attract what you want. The best part? You can start today!

Full disclosure: I am not all that confident when it comes to style. I shop at the same places. I buy the same types of things. As a child of the ’80s, I tried to rock the knock-off version of the latest trends. You can imagine how that went.

But one thing this phase of life, and the last year-and-a-half, has taught me, there’s no better time to shake things up than the present.

Enter Erin. She helps women in midlife who feel stuck in a rut ✋🏻 and want to empower themselves to take charge of their future. 💪🏻 Yes, please. 

Before you run out and max out a credit card to overhaul your whole self, don’t. Because finding your personal style has nothing to do with going into debt to cover up what you don’t love. It’s about using simple techniques to bring out who you actually are.

So where do we start? Erin says first “we have to set our intentions to attract into our life what we want to attract.” Sure, meditation and positive affirmations rock and all that, but how we put ourselves together also comes into play. “I always say dress for the role in the movie that you want to play,” Erin says. “We’re telling a story and style can help us attract or repel different types of opportunities and connections.”

Step #1

Start with a vision board. What do you want to attract into your life?  Are you looking for love? Are you looking for a VP position? Whatever it is that you’re looking for, get clear on it.

Step #2

Discover your Style Archetype. Erin’s clients love The Favorites Exercise, the tool she uses to help women find their “Style Archetype—what’s special about you and how to express it through your style.”

I’ll admit, when I first thought about having style content on The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide, I wasn’t sure it was the right fit (pun intended). But after I saw Erin’s TedX Talk and the before/afters of women who’ve made changes to become who they truly are and attract what they want in their lives, I was intrigued. But it was when she shared her own story of personal transformation through style that I was hooked. I mean seriously, check out her own before and after, using her own “quick wins.” 🤯

Erin’s Quick  Wins

  • Consignment shops have incredible finds (especially if you live near a big city)
  • Your local tailor is your BFF. Turn an ill-fitting piece into custom-fitted fashion with some simple, inexpensive nip/tucks. Pants too long? Baggy? Tight? No problem. Tailor it. Small tweaks can turn a boxy top into a flattering look. Pro Tip: Buy pants to fit your rear and thighs and have the waist taken in — same with dresses. Choose something that will fit the widest part of your body and adjust the rest. Game. Changer.
  • Don’t wait! Dress for the body you have right now. You’ll feel better instantly. Erin says, “You go out into the world and interact with people, and the energy that comes back builds you up. It’s a very real tool.”
  • Define your brows (get ’em trimmed, waxed, threaded —  your choice) You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make on your face. If necessary, use a pencil to fill them in or even try a tattooing procedure for a permanent fix.
  • Invest in some under eye concealer. Dark circles are gone in a flash!
  • Blow dry your hair. Erin says that even if you have been rocking the wash and wear look, it’s time to step it up to look polished and relevant.
  • Accessorize! Use accessories to show your personality. Are you whimsical? Are you pragmatic and modern? Erin says feminine accessories are perfect for romance, while stronger, bolder statement necklaces are amazing for times like speaking from stage or even on a Zoom call when you might want to show up from a distance.

Dressing for the holidays

Whether you’re about to hop on a plane, or you’re hosting a small family gathering at home over the holidays, Erin shares her tips for looking like a million bucks while still feeling comfy. The secret? A comfy dress or great sweater and leggings! Add earrings, a bangle, pendant or signature necklace and take the time to do your hair. Gorgeous! The only rule? Make the effort, because when we look great, we feel great. Plus, you never know where you’ll end up. “It might just your family coming, but guess what… some pictures are going to be snapped. And those pictures are probably going to show up on Facebook. So even if you think you’re just at home and all comfy casual, that’s going to show up in the world.”

Because you know somehow, it always does.

About Erin

Erin Mathis, cofounder of The Style Core, is a Style Coach for women in midlife who feel stuck in a rut and want to empower themselves to take charge of their future. She helps women up-level their personal style so they show the world who they really are and align their image with the impact they want to make. She applies the same process she used to transform her own image to help her clients reinvent themselves so they can confidently show up as the captivating women they are and tell the world who they are through their look.
Some people might dismiss style transformation as “just a makeover,” but as a style coach, Erin understands how image has the power to transform your entire life. She shares more about this in her Tedx Talk “The Power of Image to Transform Your Life.”
From her home town in Northern California, Erin coaches women around the world online through her transformational style coaching program, Your Million Dollar Look.