Nina Lorez Collins is the founder of an online forum for women over 40 called What Would Virginia Woolf Do?  She’s written a book by the same title and is interested in issues around female empowerment, sexuality, aging, health and general well-being. She’s a graduate of Barnard College, has a Masters degree from Columbia in the field of Narrative Medicine, and has a long professional background in book publishing, both as a literary scout and then as an agent. She has four nearly grown children and lives in Brooklyn Heights.

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Nina shares:
• The catalyst for creating her group — originally intended for 20 of her closest friends — now filled with over 26k actively engaged members.
• What she’s learned from women over 40
• How she’s honoring her mother’s legacy in a huge way
• Plus, what does the term “forty thrive” mean to her?

Links we mentioned: 
What Would Virginia Woolf Do? (Book)
Notes from a Black Woman’s Diary (Kathleen Collins)
What Ever Happened to Interracial Love?
Losing Ground


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