Some of us work hard at earning our “grown-ass woman” status. Others find it much, much  earlier. Meet Carey Lohrenz, the first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot in the US Navy. Carey shares her years of training to help us overcome those feelings of uncertainty, stress, burnout, anxiety, and pressure.

In this episode, Carey…

  • Helps us to identify the problems we’re facing as women (and humans as a whole).
  • Offers simple — yet powerful — exercises to help us feel focused and free in our lives.
  • Helps us dig out of fear and see the possibilities in front of us.
  • Changes our perspective with her 🤯 theory on multi-tasking

If you’re ready to incorporate some action steps into your life to become the most grown-ass version of yourself, this is the episode for you.

About the Guest:

Carey Lohrenz is an in-demand speaker, business consultant, military aviation pioneer. The first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot in the US Navy, Lohrenz shares her years of training to help business leaders overcome the specific natures of uncertainty, stress, burnout, anxiety, and pressure.

Lohrenz overcame enormous obstacles in a male-dominated environment to achieve her seemingly impossible dream of becoming a fighter pilot. The experience gave her valuable insights on what it means not only to conquer fear but also to harness it and continue pushing forward with unwavering dedication to reach your goals. She is uniquely qualified in the fundamentals of winning under pressure, reducing errors, and overcoming fear, self-doubt and other challenges to lead high-performance teams.

Lohrenz credits her ability to work through fear for her success and very survival as she broke down cultural barriers and stereotypes in her career and operated in dangerous, life-or-death circumstances in the cockpit. In her new book, Span Of Control: What To Do When You’re Under Pressure, Overwhelmed, And Ready To Get What You Really Want (ForbesBooks, June 2021), Lohrenz walks readers through the fundamentals of surviving and succeeding during times of crisis. Weaving together eye-opening science, gripping personal stories, insightful interviews, prescriptive advice, and a high-octane dose of encouragement and practicality, Span of Control helps leaders recognize how to focus on what matters most, formulate a plan for success, and communicate what’s possible.

In Lohrenz’s previous book, Fearless Leadership: High-Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck (Greenleaf Book Group Press, October 2014), she translates the life and leadership lessons she learned to the business world, where leaders face high-stress, demanding situations every day that require them to remain calm, focused and confident under pressure.

Lohrenz graduated from the University of Wisconsin, where she was a varsity rower and trained at the pre-Olympic level. After graduation, she attended the Navy’s Aviation Officer Candidate School before starting flight training and her naval career. Lohrenz resides in Minneapolis, Minn., and is currently working on her Master in Business Administration in strategic leadership. Visit for more information.

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