There was a time when rocking the latest trends meant fashion or beauty. But for Grown-Ass Women, the latest trends are focused on self care and personal development. For once in my life, I can actually be trendy. Listening to our own voices — and not the opinions of others requires a level of quiet and courage that more and more women are committed to reaching. On today’s episode, executive coach, communications leader and podcaster, Lara Dalch, shares tools for discovering what we really want by listening more than pushing.

About Our Guest: 

Lara Dalch helps leaders and teams thrive at the intersection of personal and professional development. She is an executive coach, facilitator, learning architect, communications leader, and host of the top-rated women’s podcast She Knows the Way. Lara has spent over 15 years guiding individuals and organizations to articulate their vision and reach their potential. Trained as a marketer, integrative health coach, Pilates instructor, and leadership development specialist, Lara brings a 360 degree perspective to her work with businesses of all sizes – from startup to Fortune 500; B2C and B2B.

Connect with Lara on her website, InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.
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