After years of feeling dissatisfied and disconnected, Jen Vertanen was ready to make a change. Little did she know, this journey of self-reflection and inner growth would lead to life-changing twists and turns that would redefine her relationships and her purpose.

Meet Jen Vertanen, a life coach, entrepreneur, and dedicated advocate for personal growth and self-discovery. With a focus on helping women embrace vulnerability and growth, Jen’s journey began in 2015 when she was feeling disconnected and unfulfilled. Through courage and determination, she transformed her life by healing past wounds and learning to love and accept herself. Today, she shares her wisdom and insights with others, guiding them on their own paths to self-acceptance and happiness.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the power of vulnerability and how it can influence personal growth.

  • Develop the skills for managing relationships with kindness and empathy.

  • Find the balance between strength and tenderness in several aspects of life.

  • Ignite the courage and determination needed to chase after personal goals and desires.


PS Back in 2011, and still in my early 30s, I launched my very first podcast. I was a co-host of a show called Broadcast that tackled pop culture and current events, but always through the lens of a woman. One of the things I loved about doing that show was having someone else to chat with and bounce ideas off of. Sometimes we interviewed newsmakers, but sometimes we just talked candidly about what was on our minds. That’s why I’ve opened up to the idea of occasional co-hosted episodes here at TGAWG. In fact, if you’re listening now and thinking YES! I would love to do that, here’s the application.


Jen Vertanen is a mentor for ambitious women who mostly have their shit together but feel bored and unfulfilled even though they’ve checked all the boxes and done everything “right”. She helps them go from wanting more (happiness, fulfillment, etc.) to F*CK YEAH I love my life without having to Eat, Pray, Love or Thelma & Louise. Using her signature candor and humor, Jen wants the world to know it’s never too late and you’re never too old but you do kind of need to get going. To connect with all things Jen, visit