After she survived cancer, COVID, and heart failure, Jen Singer took all the things she learned about being a patient and married it to her expertise as a medical writer, creating a series of short, informative, and yet funny, guides for newly diagnosed patients and the people who love them. 

The Just Diagnosed Guides should be required reading for women over 40. In this episode, you’ll hear why I firmly believe that, while you also learn a few things about supporting those friends and family members who need us to step up in the most helpful way possible.


Jen Singer is a ghostwriter and editor who has appeared in numerous media, including the CBS Evening News, the Wall Street Journal, and Good Housekeeping. Among the original mom bloggers, she is the author of five parenting books. She is also the author of THE JUST DIAGNOSED GUIDES, available on Amazon, for new patients and the people who love them.

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Just Diagnosed Guides:


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