This summer on the Forty Thrive podcast, we’re focusing on our bodies and how to look and feel our absolute best. No better time than the present to get that started!

Alicia Schoroth is the owner of a platform that provides effective online programs for fitness, weight loss, and wellness with a focus on hormone balance.


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In this episode, we talk:

• How our bodies react to exercise differently as we age. Are you feeling frustrated with the lack of results; caught in a cycle of over-exercising, creating stress and perpetuating the lack of results.

• How to feel better today than you did in your 20s. Alicia started bodybuilding competitions in her 40’s simply to show women what we are capable of in fitness and how important mindset is.

• How to shift from eating from foods for weight loss to foods for hormone balancing – (psst: this actually leads to weight loss anyway) Eating for hormonal health makes weight loss and muscle growth possible.

About Alicia Schoroth:

Alicia left a 15-year career in the finance world, after the birth of her son.  When she was 41, she founded HER Power Lifestyle to help other women achieve their health and fitness goals.  She wanted to provide a program that addresses what others haven’t in the past.  She combines her knowledge from her own personal struggles and expertise on hormones and women’s changing nutritional requirements and reaction to stress and exercise as they age.

Alicia is a certified trainer, Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Certified Hormone Specialist, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, Fitness Nutritionist & holds other fitness certifications including Pilates and Level 1 Kickboxing.

To prove that we cannot be limited by our age and there is power in our mindset,  Alicia decided to enter her first body fitness competition at the age of 42.  In her first 2 years of competing, she earned five top 5 finishes and four 1st place finishes. Last year at the age of 45, she captured 3 Pro Cards (defeating women half her age)

Alicia is also a published Fitness Model, and regular contributor to women’s fitness magazines.  She was named in the FAB 40 over 40 by D’FYNE Fitness magazine.