When Diann Wingert turned 40, she found herself in the midst of a midlife crisis. Her response? To blow up life as she knew it — good, bad and ugly.

Now, Diann is a midlife maven & reinvention mentor who helps women in their prime transform the life they’ve got into the one they really want.

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After two decades of being a successful therapist, Diann changed walked away from her private practice to become a masters level certified coach, helping women over 40 ditch their excuses,discover their courage and go after their most audacious goals. Diann passionately believes that this stage of life is the most powerful, if we are willing to let go of whatever is holding us back. Diann’s powerful combo of expertise on the midlife brain and menopause, coupled with her own unique personal experience makes her the go-to resource for women 40+.

Personally, since turning 40, Diann has gotten divorced, raised her three children to adulthood, embraced Buddhism,   traveled the world, gone skydiving, studied German, remarried and became a first time entrepreneur.  Now in her 6th decade,  Diann is looking forward to continuing to learn, evolve and defy her own limits.

To connect with Diann, visit TheDrivenWoman.com.