One of the reasons I love December is that it’s the perfect time to prioritize and plan for what you want in the new year. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to start and live the year in a strong financial position. 

Katy Chen Mazzara is here to help! Katy is a certified financial coach and graduate of UC Berkeley’s Personal Financial Planning Program. As a former journalist, TV producer and award winning documentary filmmaker, Katy understands the balance between dreaming and doing. She helps creative, freedom seekers make MORE, worry less and achieve financial freedom, so they can create the life they truly want to live!

Join Katy! If you’re a freelancer… a business owner… entrepreneur… creative type… Katy has something awesome coming up you’ll want to check out. Katy’s FREE masterclass “6 Awesome Ways to Create True Financial Freedom” will help you obliterate money blocks, manifest abundance, set a financial foundation and spend consciously so you never regret a purchase again. But the thing I love most is that Katy’s not one of those “don’t enjoy life, save every penny” types. She’s masterful in combining the practical with the purposeful. REGISTER HERE!

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