I’m Jackie, host of The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide. I created this podcast to support all women in living as their most badass, grown-ass selves.

Like many other women, I have had periods of time where I would live by default. Avoid the tough choices — hide from taking personal responsibility. But what I’ve learned is that is definitely not the path for me.

I was craving growth, expansion, confidence, connection.

I wanted to show up like the grown-ass woman I knew I could be.

A grown-ass woman takes responsibility for herself and her actions. She handles her own stuff. Sure she may be kind and caring and nurturing and all that, but it’s not at her own expense.

The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide is a collection of candid conversations focused on three areas — health, wealth and work. You’ll hear from women doing grown-ass things. Living grown-ass lives. And occasionally, you’ll get an episode with just me, sharing some of my own personal grown-ass lessons.

Being a grown-ass woman is a practice. It’s work in progress. It’s a movement. And it’s so much more rewarding when we share it together. Because when one woman lives her most grown-ass life, it creates a ripple effect and we all benefit.

Hit favorite or follow on your favorite podcast app and let’s make 2023 our most grown-ass year yet — together.